Swarovski Flatback Hotfix Crystals are loose crystal elements with a flat reverse side, pre-coated with heat-sensitive glue. These hotfix crystals can easily be applied to various fabrics, leaving a long lasting sparkling crystal effect

The most innovative product in this product group is Article 2078 Xirius with the most unique cut Star Design that captures imagination. Swarovski’s exceptional quality is evident in the crystals’ superior shine, rich refraction, and precise table size and diameter.

With a heat-sensitive glue already applied to the back of each stone, these Swarovski flatback rhinestones are easy to apply using a hot fix machine, heat applicator tool, or iron. While they were designed primarily for textiles, they can be used to embellish an array of materials.
Elevate your designs with the brilliance of Swarovski Flatback Hotfix Crystals

2000 Rose Hotfix

2038 XILION Rose Hotfix

2038/I Rimmed Flat Back

2078 XIRIUS Rose Hotfix

2078/I Rimmed Flat Back

2080/4 Cabochon

2200 Navette Flat Back

2201 Marquise Flat Back

2205 Flame Flat Back

2300 Drop Flat Back

2303 Pear Flat Back

2304 Raindrop Flat Back

2364 Paisley X Flat Back

2365 Paisley Y Flat Back

2400 Square Flat Back

2471 Cushion Flat Back

2472 Trilliant Flat Back

2510 Baguette Flat Back

2555 Cosmic Baguette Flat Back

2602 Emerald Cut Flat Back

2603 Oval Flat Back

2709 Rhombus Flat Back

2715 Connector Flat Back

2716 Rivoli Triangle Flat Back

2738 Triangle Alpha Flat Back

2739 Triangle Beta Flat Back

2740 Triangle Gamma Flat Back

2770 Wing Flat Back

2771 Kite Flat Back

2772 Trapeze Flat Back

2773 Diamond Shape Flat Back

2774 Elongated Pentagon Flat Back

2775 Concise Pentagon Flat Back

2776 Elongated Hexagon Flat Back

2777 Concise Hexagon Flat Back

2788 Wave Flat Back

2808 Heart Flat Back

2813 Moon Flat Back Hotfix

2816 Rivoli Star Flat Back

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