Round Stones

Swarovski Round Stones are loose crystal elements which are pointed on the reverse side, can be easily be applied in metal settings, pre-set jewellery cavities, allowing to create stunning jewellery pieces

Our assortment features a wide variety of different cuts and sizes, the most innovative being the Xirius Chaton and the smallest XERO chaton in size PP0. The XIRIUS Chaton (1088) stands out as the most brilliant cut pointed back stone in the market, emanating unparalleled radiance.
Coming from Austria, Swarovski Stones are renowned worldwide for their supreme quality as lead-free crystals. Trusted by celebrated fashion and jewelry designers, and professionals in the fashion design field, Swarovski Chatons are the epitome of beauty and durability.

1028 XILION Chaton

1088 XIRIUS Chaton

1100 XERO Chaton


1400 Dome Round Stone

1401 Rose Cut Round Stone

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