Swarovski Pendants are available in a large assortment of cuts and shapes, as well as many colors and effects. Pendants offer a whole range of design possibilities for different segments thanks to their easy application. With the top hole requiring only a ring/bail with a chain or a chord. Pendants are ideal for creating jewellery sets such as necklaces, bracelets, and earrings as well as apparel and accessories.

6000 Classic Drop Pendant

6002 Oval Disco Pendant

6007 Small Briolette Pendant

6010 Briolette Pendant

6015 Polygon Drop

6017/G Crystalactite Pendant grand partly frosted

6020 Helix Pendant

6022 XIRIUS Raindrop Pendant

6028 XILION Oval Pendant

6040 Helios Pendant

6049 Flat Disc Pendant

6090 Baroque Pendant

6100 Elegant Pendant

6106 Pear-shaped Pendant

6128 XILION Mini Pear Pendant

6210 Lunar Pendant

6215 Classic Heart Pendant

6225 Flat Heart Pendant

6228 XILION Heart Pendant

6240 Wild Heart Pendant

6261 Devoted 2 U Heart

6264 Truly in Love Heart

6328 XILION Bi-Cone Pendant

6401 Octagon Pendant

6428 XILION Pendant

6430 Classic Cut Pendant

6431 Princess Cut Pendant

6432 Heart Cut Pendant

6433 Pear Cut Pendant

6435 Emerald Cut Pendant

6460 Column Pendant

6480 Spike Pendant

6533 Raindrop Pendant

6565 Metallic Cap Pear-shaped Pendant

6628 XILION Triangle Pendant

6656 Galactic Vertical Pendant

6670 De-Art Pendant

6673 Meteor Pendant

6680 Cosmic Pendant

6685 Graphic Pendant

6690 Wing Pendant

6696 Urban Pendant

6704 Snowflake Pendant

6714 Star Pendant

6721 Starfish Pendant

6731 Sea Snail Pendant partly frosted

6735 Leaf Pendant

6744 Flower Pendant

6748 Edelweiss Pendant

6864 Cross Pendant

6866 Square Cross Pendant

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