Swarovski Sew-on Crystals are loose crystals that can be easily sewn by hand embroidery to any kind of textile or accessory. Lochrosen are crystals with just one hole. While other sew-on Articles come in two- or three-hole varieties used in a range of applications like fine hand embroidery to jewellery. The assortment offers a great variety of colors and effects to transform textiles and fashion accessories into bespoke luxury items. The most important item in this product group is 3188 Xirius Lochrose with the most unique cut in the market.

3188 XIRIUS Lochrose

3200 Rivoli Sew-on Stone

3223 Navette Sew-on Stone

3230 Drop Sew-on Stone

3288 XIRIUS Sew-on Stone

3700 Marguerite Lochrose

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